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Bed bugs have resurged and quick action is needed now. At Prep Clean, LLC we know the preparation process is the first line of defense toward effective bed bug control. Furthermore, a post treatment program including monitoring and education helps ensure re-infestation does not occur.


When an apartment or home is not prepared properly, it greatly reduces the effectiveness of the treatment and creates a greater chance that bed bugs will continue to thrive. Prep Clean, LLC is comprised of highly trained, dedicated individuals whose goal is to prepare your home for pest management treatment. What Prep Clean, LLC does plays a different role from the extermination process. However, it is no less, if not more, important. Prep Clean, LLC is the first step towards successfully combating your bed bug problem.

Prep Clean, LLC is a Maine company dedicated to a meticulous pre-treatment service that is proven to be a critical part of integrated pest management (IPM). Our goals include:

  • Create an environment where pest management professionals can eradicate an infestation more quickly and effectively
  • Create a better success rate for pest management and tenant/homeowner
  • Reduce the chances of other residents near an infested apartment from getting infested
  • Reduce the chance of a bed bug infestation in common areas
  • Reduce the chance of a dwelling being re-infested with bed bugs from neighboring apartments
  • Keep bed bugs confined to the infested unit until treated by a pest management professional
  • Re-creating a living environment where tenants and homeowners can live and sleep comfortably


Unfortunately, careless cleaning habits can create an environment that invites bed bugs (and other insects) back into your home. Our post-treatment program was created to minimize the chances of re-infestation. Prep Clean, LLC’s integrated pest management (IPM) program involves monitoring and education after treatment with the goals to:

  • Teach you and your tenant how to recognize signs of bed bugs
  • Teach you and your tenant proper cleaning and vacuuming habits that fight insect populations
  • Educate employees on what circumstances are a red flag for bed bugs and other insects
  • Reduce the need for chemicals with green cleaning techniques, including steam
  • Monitor the property against re-infestation

“Stay clean, stay green, and pest free”  is Prep Clean, LLC’s motto. Let us help you get your insect problem under control and keep it that way!





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