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Bed Bug Information


Comparison of multiple steam treatment durations for control of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius L.)

Puckett RT, McDonald DL, Gold RE.

Source: Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77845, USA. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CONCLUSIONS: The treatment equipment used in these trials is portable and relatively inexpensive and represents a non-chemical means of killing all life stages of bed bugs. While this method would likely be seen as an inefficient means of remediating a mature bed bug infestation within a structure, it does represent a practical component of integrated management of this pest insect.

Bed bugs and public health: new approaches for an old scourge

Shum M, Comack E, Stuart T, Ayre R, Perron S, Beaudet SA, Kosatsky T.

Source: National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, Vancouver, BC. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CONCLUSION: Various public health agencies in Canadian cities have played key roles in the fight against bed bugs through new initiatives, education, and encouragement and support for others. By working with the public, owners, tenants, the health sector and other stakeholders, public health practitioners can begin to curb the resurgence of bed bugs and the social strains associated with them.

Integrated Pest Management



A successful IPM Program is dependent on knowing what is happening in your building. An initial detailed inspection of each unit helps to lay the ground work for your program. Follow up inspections (usually quarterly) help to head off problems early – when they are easiest to solve.

Prep Clean, LLC can do full building inspections at a very reasonable cost. Our visual inspections look for signs of both bed bugs and roaches. Furthermore, our technicians will note and record any items that may need attention (such as damage to a unit). Our comprehensive reports will inform you not only of the presence of insects, but also the risk factor of each tenant for future infestations. In addition, our reports come with our recommendations for future action for each unit.




When the pest professionals have been called in, a properly prepared home can make the difference between a successful treatment and failure. At Prep Clean, LLC we know proper preparation for the extermination process is the first line of defense toward effective pest control.

Our steaming and vacuuming techniques knock down the bug population, which has been proven to improve the results of extermination. Our services are also valuable to those unable to take on the extensive preparations involved in both heat treatments and chemical treatments. For some, doing laundry and moving furniture is impossible – let us help. We can fully prepare the home for treatment.

Our trained technicians will prepare for exterminators by:

  • Bagging and drying all laundry at a high heat
  • Removing or toting all clutter on the floor
  • Removing bedding
  • Moving all furniture away from the walls
  • Steaming all mattresses, box springs, furniture and rugs
  • HEPA vacuuming all rugs, furniture, floors and baseboards
  • Educating you or your tenant on efficient cleaning habits that fight bed bug populations




IPM Cleaning is our post-treatment program that was created to minimize the chances of re-infestation. Unfortunately, careless cleaning habits and lifestyle can create an environment that invites bed bugs (and other insects) back into the home. Prep Clean, LLC’s integrated pest management (IPM) program involves monitoring and education after treatment with the goals to:

Teach you and your tenant how to recognize signs of bed bugs Teach you and your tenant proper cleaning and vacuuming habits that fight insect populations Educate employees on what circumstances are a red flag for bed bugs and other insects Reduce the need for chemicals with green cleaning techniques, including steam Monitor the property against re-infestation

Our steam cleaning and monitoring maintenance service includes steam cleaning furniture, hepa vacuuming of unit, education of tenant on cleaning techniques, and inspection for insect activity. An effective steaming program is for 6 months or until no further activity is noted. The 6 months is comprised of 4 biweekly visits, followed by 4 monthly visits. Regular steaming and vacuuming keeps bed bug populations at a minimum; while giving our technicians an opportunity to monitor for potential problems and to educate tenants on keeping their homes bed bug free. 




Prep CleanEducation

Prep Clean, LLC can oversee your entire IPM program, from education to monitoring and treatments. We will begin by educating your staff and tenants on the fundamentals of IPM. If needed, we offer hands on training for staff on the cleaning techniques most effective in fighting bed bugs and other pests. We will further work with the staff to develop and adopt protocols for any pest infestation.


Regular inspections and monitoring of any high risk units will be handled by us. This dedication to early detection stops infestations before they become an issue for an entire building. Bug populations remain at a minimum, making them easier to battle.

Prep CleanChemical Treatments

In the event an infestation is found on your property, we can arrange for the proper chemical treatment in a timely fashion at an affordable cost. We work in conjunction with several local pest professionals to offer you flexibility while staying within budget.


The steaming and vacuuming regiments by Prep Clean, LLC top off the IPM program by giving us the opportunity to keep pest populations at a minimum, monitor for re-infestation, and educate tenants in proper cleaning habits.




SeminarsThe success of an IPM program is founded on the education of everyone involved. This includes property managers, maintenance staff and tenants. Education takes away the fear. Education of staff creates another set of eyes to monitor for the presence of bedbugs and potential problem areas. The education of tenants teaches them how they can do their part to combat bed bugs.


Prep Clean, LLC offers educational and hands-on training sessions on Integrated Pest Management. Our educational programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience, and provide evidence-based information from basic to advanced. Our education techniques include discussions, hand-outs, and Power Point presentations.

Educational seminars are conducted by Bob Lister and can be scheduled at your convenience.



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