Prep Clean

Why IPM Wins

Why simple extermination loses: 

  • Does not educate the tenant
  • Does not take into account the level of infestation
  • Does not take into account the source of the bed bugs
  • Heat does not take into account the building structure
  • Chemicals can be dangerous
  • Expensive

IPM wins:

  • Teaches tenant how to fight infestation
  • Different approaches for different levels of infestation
  • Considers the source of bed bugs
  • Works no matter the structure of the building
  • Green systems
  • Affordable

What you will gain

  • A healthier building
    Less exposure to pesticides
    *  Less cross contamination
  • Fewer complaints
    *  One Maine housing authority reported 75% less infestation calls within one year of implementing an IPM program
  • Fewer pests
    *  Stop inferstations from growing and spreading

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